Edo / Ondo 2020: INEC To Accredit Observers, Media Online


The Independent National Electoral Commission has said it will carry out accreditation of election observers and media through an online platform.


Commission head Mahmood Yakubu revealed this on Tuesday during a town hall meeting on 'Fixing Nigerian elections' organized by YIAGA.

Yakubu said the party had learned from previous elections and the huge number of lawsuits that followed the election.

He said: "We have elaborated on the use of technology not only in terms of managing electoral processes, but processes leading to elections.


"We also introduced the accreditation of observers online. Media will be accredited online, and we said that the parties must also submit their nominations online.

"Remember that before the Board of Elections in Kogi and Bayelsa we had so many lawsuits simply because the submission process was manual.

"We learned from the experience of what happened and insisted that all political parties must submit their nominations online. We created a dedicated portal online. All the political parties have submitted their nominations."

The INEC chairman agreed with the need for electoral reform in the country when he urged political parties to do what is right in accordance with the established laws and guidelines.

"I hope that as part of the reform we need to introduce in this country, attention will focus on the conduct of the by-election.

"Although we appreciate the legislators and all those responsible for reforming our electoral process, from our experience as a commission, we realized that we need electoral reforms and legal reforms, but so much actually depends on what the commission does for its own independence instead of them draw from statutory provision.

"We will continue to ensure that we do what we need to do to make sure we achieve the free, fair and credible choice we require," Yakubu added.

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