Ghana: Dismantling Nigeria! By Ozodinukwe Okenwa


Recently in Accra, Ghana, an anonymous Ghanaian businessman allegedly brought some armed men into the Nigerian Embassy premises and bulldozed some structures under construction, claiming the Nigerian property was fenced in their ancestral land. When the "bandits" pulled down the block of apartments on the property last night, it was reported that some policemen were seen nearby, but they did nothing to prevent the gang from countering Nigeria and its sovereignty.


And days after the ugly incident in the Ghanaian capital, a video went viral online showing a violent demonstration by some frustrated Nigerians at the Nigerian Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia. They were seen destroying what they could lay their hands on. Dozens of young men protested against intimidation and harassment they were daily exposed by immigration staff in the host country.

After the death of a Nigerian, days before, who accidentally jumped down from a multi-storey building in the Indonesian capital while he was arrested or deported, or both people were furious at all. The angry boys brought out anger and frustration at the embassy for the high indifference or nonchalant attitude often displayed by the embassy staff led by the ambassador for hours of need.

The majority of Nigerians living and working in many countries are always on their own. Many had been killed, and many had their properties confiscated or destroyed by enraged youths without the help of any embassy staff. Nigerian representatives abroad are notoriously notorious for their complacency or withdrawal when our nationals are attacked or victimized by their hosts.


From South Africa to Ghana, China to Indonesia, the story is the same. Everyone is on their own! No one looks at their backs and no one is ready to intervene when problems or problems arise. The foreign missions care about themselves and no one else.

When South Africans exaggerated xenophobic inclinations by attacking Nigerians and others blacks in & # 39; Madiba land & # 39; and killing someone and destroying properties worth billions of Naira, the Buhari-led administration responded lukewarm, no-nonsense. And when some worried Nigerians at home decided to strike back in mutual revenge, the government of Nigeria turned out compulsory security forces to contain the situation.

The Ghanaians who destroyed our Accra embassy structure knew that the Nigerian government was unable to do much in retaliation aside from blowing hot and cold. They would not dare to do the same with the US, French, Chinese or Russian embassies. Africa's giant is kicked around and ridiculed by & # 39; dwarves & # 39;!

We are proud to call ourselves & # 39; big brother & # 39; in Africa and our country as the & # 39; giant & # 39; in Africa, but others see us otherwise. Some look at us horribly as a giant of a country with feet of clay, and others see us as a great for nothing land confused from Abuja to Lagos in all facets of our national life.

Nigeria should be redefined and redefined given the natural resources Providence blessed the nation with. But negligent violent leadership at the center has robbed the country and its population of all greatness since independence in 1960. Corruption and discipline have conspired to make things worse.

Apart from the measured diplomatic action and official reactions, the biggest problem here is that Nigerian foreign policy is free and informal. The Minister himself is a & # 39; dove & # 39; who thrives on mediocrity! Still, we need a "hawk" as head of the Department of Foreign Affairs in the form of Mike Pompeo from the US, Jean-Yves Le Drian from France and Sergey Lavrov from Russia.

Every time America is involved in some dipomatic splashes with Russia or China, smart sanctions are imposed to bring home a point. The receiving end authorities tend to invoke the principle of reciprocity. As a serious nation, you need to learn not only to bark, but how to bite to defend your interests and send messages without nonsense.

Decades ago (in the late 70's and early 80's) when the revolutionary inimitable Jerry Rawlings dictatorially relocated Ghana, many Ghanaians took refuge in Nigeria. Some sold bread while others manned the gates or did other public works to survive in many Nigerian cities. Today as President Buhari makes Nigeria less secure, working poorer and unemployed Ghana, and attracting more and more Nigerians as economic refugees!

Even the acting chairman of the Economic and Economic Crime Commission, Ibrahim Magu, recently acknowledged the attractiveness of Ghana to many Nigerian economic criminals when he recently said that many Nigerian looters are now hiding in Ghana. Maybe sooner than later we would hear about & # 39; Naija-must-go & # 39; instead of & # 39; Ghana-must-go & # 39;!

The final question remains: what is the truth of this diplomatic case? Did the Nigerian Embassy in Ghana intervene in the country to the attackers, causing them to take violent law in their hands? But even in that, we believed that Ghana is a legal entity inhabited by law-abiding individuals. So do Ghanaians like Nigerians have any lawless elements in the middle?

President Nana Akufo-Addo, a gentleman and Democrat, must do the diplomatic need to restore what was destroyed and prevent a future recurrence. Disassembly of Nigeria must have a limit.

SOC Okenwa
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