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An awards photo released by the UK Parliament shows Britain's Chancellor of the Tax Rishi Sunak (right-hand center) delivering its 2020 budget mission to the House of Commons in London on March 11, 2020. Britain reveals its first budget after Brexit on Wednesday, focusing on state emergency response measures to combat financial fallout from the coronavirus outbreak. JESSICA TAYLOR v UK PARLIAMENT / AFP

The British parliament will shut down on Wednesday because of the coronavirus outbreak, with MPs sent home a week early for the Easter holidays.


"The lower house has agreed to postpone the Easter intake and will then sit April 21, 2020," the subcommittee announced on its Twitter page.

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick previously told the BBC that it was a "sensible" decision given the nationwide closure of non-essential stores and services and the authority's order that people stay home.

"It is clear that Parliament must set an example," he said, adding that it was also important to protect staff against the spread of COVID-19 infection.


But he said he was "sure parliament will come back after the Easter holidays," and said it was important for lawmakers to scrutinize the government.

Emergency legislation authorizing the government to force people into isolation has been pushed through parliament this week and is expected to become law on Wednesday.

Before MPs began to return home, Prime Minister Boris Johnson had his final head-to-head in the Commons against opposition Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, with the latter due to resign before parliament returns.

A new Labor leader will be announced on April 4, with Brexit spokesman Keir Starmer as the favorite to take over.


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